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          ? 2015 By Tlingit Environmental Service and Supply. Website created and maintained by Pro-Solutions of Alaska 

          At Tlingit Environmental Service and Supply we manufacture products to your design.


          We also have a large spectrum of products available and are always adding new vendors and options.


          Please call if you need custom built products for your unique needs.

          The following is an example of the types of products we sell.

           >   Absorbants

          >   Booms 

                - Only available in oil white and blue. Land Booms are available in          universal gray and yellow.

          >   Containers

                Fol-da-Tanks & Accessories

                Fastanks & Accessories

                Tri-Wall Boxes

                U.N. Hazardous Shipping Containers

                1S1, 1A2, 1H1, 1H2

                4G Boxes, systems & components


                Fish Totes, Oil Bags & Bladders

          >   Fibre Drums

                Used for disposal of light bulbs, made of a sturdy construction 

                for the protection for light bulbs.

          >   Carbon Steel Drums

                Available in a range of sized from 5 to 110 gallons

          >   Salvage Drums

                Available in 5 to 110 gallons

                Call with any specific questions or needs!

          >   Drum Tops

                Pre-cut to fit 50-gallon

          >   Secondary Containment


                Drum & Drain Plugs

                Portable Tanks, IBC Horizontal & Vertical

                Safety Pallets

                Spill Pallets and Berms

          >   Sweeps

                Heavy layer of melt blown polypropylene ultrasonically welded to a

                layer of blue spun bound fabric

          >   Wide variety of bags

                Call us with your requirements - custom sizing available!

          >   Wipers/Rags

                If you need an item not listed, please call for price and availability. 

          Spill Kits, Standard & Custom

          Response Conex

          Containment Berms

          Fish Totes, Oil Bags & Bladders

          Spill Response

          Magnum & Platic totes


          Ideal for storing and/or conveying materials or parts.

          We can design and build custom totes for your needs.


          Examples include:

          custom hinging lids, or drop down doors.


          Call our service team today to find the tote that will work best for you.

          Personal Protective Equimpent

          River Packs

          Barricade Tape

          Custom Signage

          Pipe Markers


          Safety Signs

          Shipping Labels


          Head, Face & Hearing Protection



          Boots & Waders

          Respirators & Systems

          Protective Clothing

          Lockout/Tagout Products

          Tyveks, P.E. Coated

          Full Encapsulated

          Level A, B, C, & D


          Insect Resistant Clothing

          Custom Gear Bags